Safety Yellow Gel Coat Lemonade Stand

Anthony from the Lemonade Factory in Farmingdale, Illinois needed to repair his lemonade stand. After years of use, it was starting to reflect its age. It had a few dings and cracks in the paint and underneath fiberglass. He wanted to repair it and make it look  new.

Here is a picture of the lemon before he went to work on it.
fiberglass repair

Removing the Paint and prepping the surface before fiberglass repair.

removing paint before fiberglass repair

All the paint has been removed and the damaged spots are starting to be repaired. Anthony used our Orca 200 P-16 General Purpose Laminating Resin with 1.5 oz Chopped Strand Mat to repair the damaged sections of the lemon.

lemonade stand fiberglass repair

All the damaged places have been repaired and the lemon is ready for gel coat.

fiberglass and gel coat repair

Anthony used our Orca Guard Safety Yellow Gel Coat with our Orca Air Dry Super Clear Coating Additive. The Super Clear will make the gel coat pop.

finished fiberglass and gel coat repair

finished fiberglass and gel coat repair

The Lemon looks ready for the busy season ahead.

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