New Fiberglass Roof for an RV

Randy from Manitoba needed to re-do his RV’s roof. Fiberglass RV Roof. The roof has seen better days. First he added a layer of plywood to the existing roof and then fiberglassed over top of it to make it waterproof. Here is a list of materials he purchased:
  1. Pro Glas 1200 Epoxy Resin UV Enhanced- Part A – Gallon (#100120110)
  2. Pro Glas 1200 Epoxy Hardener- Part B (2:1 mix ratio) – Medium, 1/2 Gallon (#100220509)
  3. 6 Ounce Fiberglass Tape (50 yard rolls) – 4″ (#154R4)
  4. Deluxe Rollers- Aluminum – 3/4″ x 6″ (#674756A)
  5. 4 Inch Spreader – 6″ (#657G)
  6. 4 oz. Fiberglass Fabric- Type #1522 (50 inch width) (#1523750)
Since Randy’s main goal was to waterproof the roof, he went with the Pro Glas 1200. Fiberglass RV Roof.  Epoxy is the best resin for waterproofing.  The UV protection in the resin will also retard the yellowing of the resin.  Here are a few photos of him laying down the plywood and the finished roof. Fiberglass motorhome roof   Fiberglass motorhome roof Fiberglass motorhome roof Fiberglass motorhome roof

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