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corvette customization

One of our awesome customers, Kevin, sent us these pictures of his latest fiberglass project. The project was the customization of a 2006 Chevy Corvette.

corvette customization1

corvette customization2

corvette customization3

Below is a brief summary of Kevin’s construction method:

1. Drill many small holes in the body panel to be modified.
2. Shape the design with Styrofoam that has been rough-shaped and hot-glued to the car.
3. Sand the Styrofoam to the final form.
4. Coat the Styrofoam with paint so the fiberglass resin won’t melt the Styrofoam.
5. Cover the design with several layers of fiberglass.
6. Sand, then coat the fiberglass with plastic body filler.
7. Paint the parts, then reassemble.

It turned out amazing.  Thanks for sharing!


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