Gel Coat Trouble Shooting Part 1

First time users of gel coat can come across many problems with applying the gel coat.  We will be doing a series of posts that describe the different issues and remedies for the various issues.

ProblemCauseSolutions or Item to Check for
Dull or soft spots at random . ... . .Gel coat uneven Poor breakup; use three passes.
Catalyst poorly mixed into either gel coat and/or laminateMix catalyst thoroughly or make equipment adjustments for good catalyst mix.
Trapped solvent in gel coat and/or laminateEquipment surging in material pump and/or atomizing air.
Improper catalyst settings (high or low)
Trapped water in gel coat and/or laminate Gun held too close to mold.
Check cleaning procedure.
Check catalyst level with equipment using solvent reduced catalyst.
Insufficient catalystDrain lines and correct the problem.
Confirm correct catalyst concentration.

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