Chat Transcript – Re-doing a RV Roof

[18:54] Dallin has joined the conversation
[18:54] Dallin: Hey William
[18:56] william: Hey Dallin I am redoing a roof on an rv don’t know what type or strength fiber to use
[18:56] Dallin: RV roofs are usually not structural, but need to waterproof.
[18:57] Dallin: Are you taking the old fiberglass off?
[18:58] william: yes and putting thin plywood
[18:59] Dallin: Ok, I would use a layer of 1.5 oz chopped strand mat, with 6 in fiberglass tape along the seems.
[19:00] Dallin: I would use Orca 301 ISO resin with gel coat over top.
[19:01] william: will that hold weight of air conditioner or person walking on it
[19:02] Dallin: Well, I would probably add a couple more layers since you are using thin plywood. So, 2 layers of chopped strand mat and a layer of 3733 6 oz cloth.
[19:02] Dallin: How big is the roof?
[19:04] william: The replaced section is approx. 7×12 feet entire roof is 7×30
[19:05] Dallin: Ok, so you are not replacing the whole roof.
[19:06] william: about one third
[19:06] Dallin: I would probably use the same layup.
[19:07] Dallin: So, 10 yards of 3733 x 40″ and 20 yards of CSM.
[19:08] Dallin: YOu need about 4 gallons of resin and 1 gallon of gel coat.
[19:08] william: O.K. I appreciate your input any other suggestions Thanks much
[19:08] Dallin: No problem.
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[19:23] Dallin: 1.5 oz Chopped Strand Mat. not cloth
[19:37] william: Hey Dallin how many yds. to a roll
[19:37] Dallin: 70
[19:38] william: thanks
[19:38] Dallin: No problem
[20:01] william: Dallin me again if I get 5 gal orca 200 P16A resin how much Catalyst should I get and what is the mix ratio
[20:01] Dallin: 10 OZ
[20:04] Dallin: Mix ratio depends on how fast you want it to cure. It is 2 oz per gallon, but you don’t want to do a whole gallon.
[20:07] Dallin: You don’t want to go lower than 1% MEKP.
[20:08] Dallin:
[20:08] Dallin: To thoroughly mix it? 2 minutes is what the manufacturer says.
[20:09] Dallin: I would probably start at a pint, then work your way up. Get used to how the resin works.
[20:37] william: thanks Dallin I’m checking out
[20:38] Dallin: Great
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3 thoughts on “Chat Transcript – Re-doing a RV Roof

  1. jason389 says:

    I am building a micro Rvr and want to fiberglass the plywood roof. There is plastic flashing tape over all the joints- do I need to remove this?

    Also, what weight and type of mat/ fabric do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

    -Jason in Atlanta

    • fgwarehouse says:

      Hello Jason, I would remove the flashing tape. I could impede the bond.

      Chopped strand mat will be the cheapest. 6 oz cloth will be relatively smooth. Are you just looking to waterproof, or add structure?

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