Boat Repair

Boat Deck Repair

Charles in Dallas repaired his boat deck using Fiberglass Warehouse products.  The old deck had rotted out and need to be replaced.

boat deck repair

First he tore out the old plywood deck.  He checked the stringer to make sure they were still good.

fiberglass boat deck repair

He install a new plywood deck.

Fiberglass boat deck repair

And covered it with knitted fiberglass, GP resin and ISO/NPG Gel coat.  The boat deck looks great.

Fiberglass boat deck repair fresh gel coat on repaired boat deck

Here is a list of the materials and supplies that Charles used.

Type 1708 Knitted Fabric, 25.3oz. X 50″, +/-45 17 oz w/ 3/4oz. Mat – Yards (#155170850)

Orca 200 P16A Ortho General Purpose Laminating Resin – 5 Gallon (#050220020213)

MEKP Catalyst – 4 oz (#0814)

Deluxe Aluminum Roller – 1″ x 6″ (#67416A)

Orca Guard White 1100 Gel Coat – Gallon (#05711000010)

Orca Guard White 1100 Gel Coat WITH WAX – Gallon (#05711000110)

Charles added sand to the White Gel coat with wax to give the surface a non-skid texture.

He is extremely please with the job he did.  This was his first ever fiberglassing attempt.


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