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Our extensive inventory includes fiberglass reinforcements; epoxy, polyester, and vinylester resins; carbon fiber; mold releases; fillers; pigments and more.


Partall Film #10

PARTALL Film #10 is a water/alcohol-based Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) solution of water-soluble, film forming materials. It is particularly recommended as a parting agent for separation between polyester or epoxy resins and various mold surfaces. PARTALL Film #10 is not recommended for use with resins containing water or giving off water during cure (i.e. phenolics) or with automotive finishes as damage may occur. PARTALL Film #10 will not shrink or pull away from corners or curved surfaces. Film parts easily from mold surface and is readily dissolved from molded parts and spray equipment with water. An occasional coating of PARTALL Paste #2 is suggested for most mold surfaces prior to application of PARTALL Film #10.

Partall Paste #2

PARTALL Paste #2 is a general purpose polishing compound made from a blend of hydrocarbon and micro-crystalline waxes. It is particularly recommended for use on molds where standard silicone waxes hinder post-finishing operations or as a primer coat to create a smooth mold surface prior to application of PARTALL Film #10. PARTALL Paste #2 may also be employed as an inexpensive edge wax on larger molds. It is recommended that a Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) solution such as PARTALL Film #10 be used in conjunction with PARTALL Paste #2 on molds that are particularly intricate or too expensive to risk demolding problems.

Grignard Mold Magic High Performance Mold Release Wax

Mold Magic combines the proven performance of pure carnauba wax with innovative, semi-permanent polymer chemistry to deliver exceptional performance, with fewer applications. More pulls, with less work!
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Universal Mold Release Agent is formulated especially for mold making and casting, and works well with most liquid rubber and liquid plastic products. It will release mold rubbers (such as polyurethanes and polysulfides) from properly prepared models. UMR also easily releases a variety of casting materials (epoxies, Smooth-On liquid plastics, etc.) from cured rubber molds.
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SynLube 531 Release Agent

SynLube 531 is a non-silicone release agent that is excellent with polyurethane, epoxies, polyester resins, and silicone rubber. This release is particularly good with Por-a-Mold and Por-a-Kast.
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